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We Partied with the IT GIRL This NYFW and This Is How It Went

Aliyah’s Interlude threw a fashion week party and you KNOW we had to be there!

Ciani B., Editor-in-Chief

Ciani B.



Photos by Marleen Moise

When the IT GIRL, Aliyah's Interlude, announces that she’s throwing a party for New York Fashion Week, Half Moon responds to the call! And I’m so glad we attended– it was such an iconic event, but what else would we expect from the FASHION ICON herself?

One look at the [read: long ass] line outside the cutesy venue, Wiggle Room in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and you might wonder if Dolls Kill, Jaded London and Hot Topic have any products left! From sky-high platform boots, to extremely mini skirts, electrifying colors, and an insane amount of [vegan] fur, everyone POPPED OUT!

While we waited for the arrival of the IT GIRL, DJ Zillions kept our bodies moving and chrome fits flashing in the disco lights. He really knew how to read the room when he played Rico Nasty– the room full of alt-baddies went wild and spit every bar word-for-word.

Having been warmed up by Zillions, we were ready to receive Aliyah’s Interlude with an extremely enthusiastic welcome. As soon as she entered, she opened with a performance of her latest single, FASHION ICON, perfectly befitting for the occasion.

As she performed this song, followed by IT GIRL, I really loved that she performed IN the crowd! Like, it was so iconic and so intimate, I’ll never forget the experience! She danced, twerked, and sang with audience members, and it felt more like a party with your parasocial mutual than a concert with an unreachable celebrity. It was cute!

As if performing two songs for us wasn’t a gift enough, Aliyah’s Interlude cordially invited us to star in her music video for FASHION ICON, but under one condition: that we turned tf up! And that, we did!

Cue twinks throwing ass on the bar, girls in plaid minis twirling around and a bunch she/theys turning up in-frame beside Aliyah’s Interlude. What’s even more iconic is the list of influencers who joined the party: from Cristian Dennis to Nate White, it was like my TL was having a family reunion!

After we filmed the music video, the party didn’t stop! With DJs ODALYS, Dick By Air, and Dylan Ali on the decks, the vibes remained immaculate throughout the night.

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