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New Single from DJ Turned Artist, Chopstix: “This N That” 


"Always Gettin' what I want and that's on that" - Chopstix

Madison, Writer




Chopstix is always getting what she wants. In her first video release and second single release, the punk and hyper-pop track romanticizes the materialistic desires of a modern-day brat. Produced by Chopstix’s executive producer, xjermsx, the track opens with a hearty dash of electric guitar before the pop-rap verses kick off the song “I want this, I want that”, a line sure to rattle around in your brain hours after you’ve heard it. The song is accompanied by a music video, set in a dreamy nostalgic portrait of a quaint fairytale on a lavish farm, shot by Chris Barnes. Chopstix, a DJ turned artist, wrote “This N That” as a personal reflection of her contradicting desires between her artistic pursuits of fame and of a quiet life. Releasing on all streaming platforms on 6/10, the music video will be released also at 12PM EST. Chopstix will also be performing the track live the night of 6/10 at Elsewhere (tickets available here).

Watch "This N That" below:

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