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The Rise of London's fixupboy

Getting to know one of UK's upcoming musicians

Jon Lawrence, Writer

Jon Lawrence



Since releasing his first track “She Said” back in 2019, London’s fixupboy has simply refused to take his foot off the gas. From viral hyper-pop to emo-trap and hip-hop (think Ericdoa meets The Kid Laroi), it seems like fixupboy can do it all. His new EP, ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’ demonstrates not only the extent he has grown as an artist since 2019, but also his ever evolving love and talent for the game. Fixupboy sits down with us in central London’s iconic Barbican Centre to discuss his artistic journey, as well as the influences for his brand new EP ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’. From across the pond, with love

All photos by Duke Agbeko @regularduke

At what point did you realize that you’d like to be an artist, or is it something you’ve always done?

Jon Lawrence for Half Moon

It started a long time ago. So basically, like, a friend of mine was popping off on YouTube back when we were 17, and then there was stuff that happened and the channel got terminated so we tried to rebuild the channel by doing YouTube parodies because song parodies were popping off at the time. Obviously we jumped in the studio and yeah, I just enjoyed being in the studio and writing stuff. So yeah that's how it all started. This is back in like 2018. I don’t think I ever took it seriously until 2019, that’s when I started taking it proper serious.


So how did you come up with your artist name Fixupboy?

Oh my god, I love this question. So in the UK everybody says “fixup”. You know, if someone does something wrong it's like, “Fix up man, what are you doing?” Then I remember, it was ages ago I got the Instagram name “Fixupboy” in like 2015/2016 and I just ran with it ever since, because I say the word fixup all the time, it seemed like a good Instagram name and it's been like that ever since.

Did you grow up in a musical household, or was it more of the friends and social media influence?

I didn’t grow up with physical music influence, but my mum used to listen to a lot of different stuff and I used to always take it in. As I got older, everyone I used to hang around with would always listen to different types of music. I think it was a bit of everything coming together. Everyone listens to something different; the UK is so multicultural it’s hard to miss out on anything because everyone is doing different things and listening to different stuff. It’s kind of a bunch of everything.

Are there artists in your space that you’re inspired by, or you really like their music?

I listen to all types of music, but obviously in the hyper pop world I’m a big fan of Glaive, Ericdoa, all them kind of people. Even taking it back to the old hyper-pop, like Charli XCX and stuff like that. It all ties in together.

I know you just released an EP pretty recently, ‘There’s Always Tomorrow’ …

Literally like, three days ago.

I was listening to it, and I don’t want to put a label on your sound. How would you describe your sound?

I definitely think this new EP was influenced by hyper-pop, but there’s definitely a mix of things, diving into samples and things like that. It [has] sounds like early 2000’s Katy Perry style music on there as well, so yeah.

Where do you find your inspiration when it comes to making music?

I mean, all over the place. How social media is nowadays it’s like you can’t miss anything; you know everything is out there, everyone is in your face all of the time. I just think I always pick up things without even realizing from everywhere and take it all in and create something of my own with it.

So what’s some of the music you’re listening to right now? Also what’s something that’s completely out of left field that no one would think an artist like you would be listening to?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lancey Foux. Obviously, he’s from the UK but he’s so fire. Brent Faiyaz, I don't know If I said that right (he did), so fire. Who else? Even like Babytron, Babytron is HARD. Even some French artists, I don't know how to pronounce their names but I love French rap. It’s a huge mix. There’s even some Rod Stewart on my playlist. Willow Smith, Dominic Fike, ya know the influence is wide.

If you could live in one other place in the world, where would it be?

Dubai. It just seems like an easy life. I also love The States. The States are like a second home for me at the moment but Dubai is something else. It just looks like an easy life, chill, different lifestyle, everything just seems more laid out. Either The States or Dubai, but to be real if i could be anywhere, probably Dubai.

You said you spent some time in The States, what were you doing out there?

I’ve been to New York twice this year. The first time, I had a show and I was hopping in sessions with people. Really it was about meeting people, it was my first time in New York. I was also just there last week, I was there for my buddy’s album release party and having more sessions, getting Tik Tok content in, and seeing some faces.

What’s your favorite track that you’ve released thus far? I’m sure they’re all special to you in their own way but what’s one that you’re like “I can’t even believe I made that”?

The song on this recent EP, called “i won’t go, if you ain’t there”. It’s crazy because I made it in my room and to me it sounds super commercial. It sounds well made and to me it sounds like  20 people worked on the song, when really it really was just my friend that produced it in his bedroom, and then me recording and mixing it in my bedroom. The lyrics, the flows, the whole song switches up halfway through. I definitely think that's one of the proudest songs I’ve made. Just, structurally, and even in terms of how good it is, it's one of my proudest songs for sure.

At what point during your artist career did you realize “This is working”, or what was the point that you realized like “People are really catching on and listening”?

It was weird because it kind of happened from the start. I was making music as a joke for ages but then the first serious song I released, which was called “She Said”, I had loads of buddies from all over the world that had rap pages and it went viral at the time. They fucked with the song so they started posting it and it went viral from the jump. Pretty much from the first proper release its been like, way easier than I thought it would be. Not in an easy way though, like I knew it was going to be hard work regardless but the turnover was so fast. I realized after the song did well that it’s not over, you’ve gotta work harder. 

My second or third song “Problems”, that's the one that has the most streams at the moment. To be fair, the song just correlated really well, I started getting shout outs from The Backpack Kid who was popping at the time. He put it on his story like 3 or 4 times. Then all these other artists that I looked up to were DMing me. That’s when I realized like woah, this is actually going on right now. Still, I never lacked on it; I always knew there was way more to do and further places to go. Even now, to this day there’s a further place to go. 

Moving forward in 2023 do you have anything else lined up or planned? Singles or maybe an album?

So we’ve done the EP now. The EP was very special to me because it was like a whole new wave of music that I’ve dived into because I definitely didn’t start with the hyper-pop stuff, I started with the emo trap / rap stuff. So this project felt like a refreshment to me. I definitely have some singles planned, maybe a shorter EP. I’m definitely trying to release the most music I’ve ever released in one year, this year, which is going really well so far. We’ve got some things lined up, some cool people to work with, and some cool people I’ve worked with already this year.

Last question: If you were on a deserted island and you could only take three (3) albums with you to listen to, what would they be?

Any album?

Any album.

Definitely Kanye’s ‘The Life of Pablo’, that album was hard. What’s Yeat’s most recent album…. ‘Afterlyfe’, yeah. And then probably ‘Take Care’ by Drake.

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